Friday, July 29, 2011

Mural Routes Summer Crew: Ready to Go Paint on the Bridge

Our group has been hard at work with this expressive text-based project, Echoes (working title). We began by collaborating with Jumblies Theatre group, who have spent the past few months collecting words and phrases from a variety of local community members. Our group participated in a collective session just like the community had. Jumblies asked us to express our “badland,” “goodland” and “dreamland”; in the process we learnt about others’ fears, dislikes, appreciation, loves, and our dreams for our community.

From this large collection of words, our group has focused on the positive aspects of the local community, echoing these collected words and phrases through creating a unique text expression for each word. The process has been long but the hard work will pay off, we have made hundreds of stencils and are very excited to begin work on-site at the bridge next week!

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