Friday, September 17, 2010

SUBTEXT: Multi-arts Festival

SUBTEXT FESTIVAL took place under the bridge on Sept. 11 & 12. On Saturday the sounds and sights of the graffiti and performance artists made the place rock with energy.

On Sunday there was a different vibe; quieter but with creative energy that was shared by the artists and community members alike.

Mural Dedication

On September 11, Mayor Miller and an enthusiastic crowd gathered to pay tribute to the great team of artists who toiled under the relentless summer sun to cover the long expanse of the bridge with art work. The images reflect the natural environment and the activities of the community that take place on and under the bridge. It is deliberately designed to have a subtle impact from a distance, with more detailed elements to be enjoyed by the people who walk, cycle, skate board or ride their motorized wheel chairs across the bridge.