Monday, June 28, 2010

The artists and the community

Parade preparations got underway and people in the community joined had fun with chalk drawing.

Parade Day

On June 24, the Bridging Project had its official kick off with a community celebration and parade. The Canadian Flag was hoisted to mark the start of festivities. The flag will continue to fly outside the storefront throughout the project.
The parade told the story of a Winter's Tale, which parallels the enivironmental theme and expression of the seasons that will be captured by art work on the bridge during the summer. Jumblies gathered the troops on the west side of the bridge, while young artists and members of the community created colourful chalk images along the parade route. After the parade, everyone gathered at the East Scarborough Storefront and mingled at the Farmers' Market, where a Bridging Project information table was set up.
We look forward to "creating connections" with "the arts, the environment and you."

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Creativity and design

An enthusiastic group of youth have been meeting on Tuesdays in June to learn skills of design and stenciling under the direction of artist Rob Matejka; seen in the photo with Curtia. They will be showcasing the results of their creativity at the launch event of the Bridging Project. You can join in the fun and leave your mark in chalk on the bridge and march in the Parade on June 24th.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Community speaks out

More than 60 community members attended the Community Speak at St. Stephen Presbyterian Church. The subject of disucssion was "Improving the Lawrence Bridge ."
After a stretch break, nice dinner and presentation from the Bridge Committee this is what you shared with us at the group discussions.

The bolded items below, were put forward by multiple groups

How do you feel about bridge?
  • Happier about it than its predecessor
  • Boring and functional
  • Nice view
  • Not safe enough
  • No shade in summer, too cold in winter
  • More buses should go across
  • Ability issues are hard given narrow sidewalks
  • No snow removal
  • Suicide in fall makes people rush across
  • Fear of area under the bridge because it is isolated and possibly dangerous at night
  • Long, difficult walk
  • Communication between the two sides is difficult
  • People on the Galloway side are not interested in going to the Orton park side
  • Feel unsafe because of speed of traffic
  • Not attractive to pedestrians
  • Path to under the bridge is too steep
  • Convenient for driving – bad for walking

What would you like to see change on the bridge?

  • Safety – traffic barrier to separate pedestrians from road
  • Beauty
  • Visuals
  • Murals
  • Festival
  • Walking groups
  • Security camera
  • Signage
  • Weather guard
  • Better lighting
  • Flower boxes on sidewalk
  • Planters to help slow traffic and make area more accessible for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Street festival with lots of colour
  • Information about the path, park and activities under the bridge
  • Stairs to park below
  • Pay phone in middle of bridge
  • Put benches and garbage bins under bridge
  • Park/playground
  • More community activities under bridge
Our Special Thanks to:

St Stephens Presbyterian Church & Bridge Committee & Storefront Volunteers-
Doreen Iman, Ruth Antony, Hazel Trent, Amna Anushan

Wednesday, June 2, 2010