Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting Green

Evergreen has partnered with the Bridging Project to focus on the natural environment components of the project. Evergreen is a not-for-profit organization that makes cities more livable. By deepening the connection between people and nature, and empowering Canadians to take a hands-on approach to their urban environments, Evergreen is improving the health of our cities—now and for the future.

On June 5th a local group of volunteers, mainly from the East Scarborough Storefront, helped plant 800 native wildflowers and grasses along Highland Creek on the North side of the Lawrence Street bridge. These plants will help protect the area from erosion, attract beneficial pollinators such as butterflies, provide habitat for a variety of species and beautify the local area.

Evergreen has also contributed a list of local, native trees, wildflowers and shrubs to be incorporated in the mural. During the SUBTEXT festival, on September 11th from 10am to noon, Evergreen will be hosting another native wildflower planting beside the Lawrence Street bridge along Highland Creek. Everyone is welcome to come out and get their hands dirty while planting another 800 wildflowers in the area. Come by and visit Evergreen throughout the entire SUBTEXT festival to learn more about the environment and ways to connect with nature.

For more information please visit our website: evergreen.ca, or contact:
Sarah Da Silva, Stewardship Co-ordinator,
sdasilva@evergreen.ca or 416-660-0972

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