Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Lawrence Ave E. Bridge

There is an amazing group of people who reached out to the community in Kingston Galloway Orton Park and through their research discovered a big barrier in the community - the six lane traffic bridge in the Kingston/Galloway/Orton Park neighbourhood of Scarborough (east Toronto.) The bridge, they discovered from local residents, is a barrier. It cuts the community in two. It is intimidating, unfriendly, an obstacle. How ironic! A bridge is meant to connect, link, join. Yes, the bridge does all those things. It spans the West Branch of Highland Creek, providing a connection from one side of the ravine to the other. It is great for motorists. Not so much for a neighbourhood stroll or trip to the shops and services on the other side if you're pushing a stroller or riding a tricycle. So how can this perception change. How can a barrier be transformed (back) into a connector to bring the community together?

Introducing The Bridging Project.

During the summer of 2010, a group of collaborators, is planning a series of art interventions on and under the bridge. The action starts with a Community Speak event in KGO on April 29, where local residents will be invited to share their ideas on the topic "Improving the Lawrence Bridge."

We, the Bridging Team, already have lots of creative ideas including a parade, "on the bridge" art and an "under the bridge" festival. We expect that with input from community members and local youth through workshops and arts events, these ideas will take root and blossom into a fantastic project.

Stay connected.

The Bridging Team of KGO

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